Recap and future plans

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Hello guys,

I know i haven't written a singe damn thing for qiute a while now, but i was ultra busy trying to end university and stuff. There was also a ton of poker going on, visiting some EPT venues, analysing my game and  trying to master NL Zoom cash. 

Thankfully 2013 ended on the + side for both sngs and tournaments

Unfortunatelly 2014 is not that kind as i am about 7k$ down, with 600k vpp being the plus side.

I was lucky enough though to hit the jackpot millestone sng which was a 100$ 18-man.

Finally i will be interviewing a lot of  greek poker players and every time i choose a player i will be changing my PS avatar with his photo. I will be starting this new concept with Anestis "grekos1981" Pantazidis. I am really excited to speak with all those great players and give you the chance to know them a little better!! :)


Summer is upon us!

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Hello everyone,

I know i haven't been posting lately but i was very busy playing live as i was for almost a month in Spain for the Estrellas event in Valencia, the WPT and last the you can understand i gave 0 VPP and then i had to run,in order to return at some decent SNE pace again(which is extremely difficult with so many reg infested games...)

I have been running good after i returned but this is another upswing i guess...

I also had success at the SCOOP event as i got paid in the 1050$ turbo of the last day for 5.1k$  and managed to overcome a filed of almost 18k people to make a 4-way deal at the 11$ turbo for 23.6k$. For the record, i only played 4 SCOOP events all of them were turbo of course...

That's all for now, next update after the summer vacation.
I will also try to update my EPT progress as i will be attending EPT Barcelona, the first of eight for the EPT Season 10...

Have a good time till then and plenty of luck at the tables!!

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February updates

I am really sorry for not posting  all the time, but i have been really busy playing online...

I have reached 120k VPP by now, i know that is not really great, but i was playing a lot of tournamets too(aka no rake :P )

I won a 25$ hyper turbo tournament for 3.1k$

Also i cashed in the 2.1k$ highroller event  of the TCOOP series for 5.9k$ which was very sweet!!

The most important thing that happened though,was the package for EPT London that i won through steps. The event will take place at Grosvenor Victoria Casino 10-16 of March, so i need to focus more on online now as i will have a week off there :P I am really excited as i have never been to London and this time i visit for the EPT!! Yeiiiii!!!

I also did manage to take a seat at the Greek Poker Cup in Loutraki,a 660€ tournament with 400cap which is amazingly already sold out!So good luck to me i guess :P

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Time to Grind

December was also a success in online poker. I reached the 1M VPPs( VIP Player Points  ) needed to become a Supernova Elite in Pokerstars for the 2nd consecutive year.

 A tough year with many ups and downs as my graph shows :

Filtered SnG for year 2012

Enough though with 2012, as the new year began already and it's time to Grind again!!

A little behind of pace, but i needed some time to relax, review and have some quality time with my family.

I will keep updating my VPP count and winnings throughout the year.

The motive for a 3rd time SNE is there!! Only 12 months to go!!!

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2012 Ending in a Success

Few days before 2013 kicked in, i attended a local 550 € tournament in Loutraki Casino( the one, EPT took place here in Greece). The field was a little above 200 players, almost playing a 180-man sng :P I was chip leader most of the time and had a massive difference from the second when we were 5-handed. I ended up shipping the tournament, which was my first ever live win. After a 3way deal i took 24k €(instead of 28k € first place would originally take) . Sure an amazing thing to happen as i was already in pace for reaching the Supernova Elite for the second time in a row!!!Yeiiii!!!