Recap and future plans

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Hello guys,

I know i haven't written a singe damn thing for qiute a while now, but i was ultra busy trying to end university and stuff. There was also a ton of poker going on, visiting some EPT venues, analysing my game and  trying to master NL Zoom cash. 

Thankfully 2013 ended on the + side for both sngs and tournaments

Unfortunatelly 2014 is not that kind as i am about 7k$ down, with 600k vpp being the plus side.

I was lucky enough though to hit the jackpot millestone sng which was a 100$ 18-man.

Finally i will be interviewing a lot of  greek poker players and every time i choose a player i will be changing my PS avatar with his photo. I will be starting this new concept with Anestis "grekos1981" Pantazidis. I am really excited to speak with all those great players and give you the chance to know them a little better!! :)


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